John Thompson
Air Date 1/6/09

Peter Jedicke
Air Date 1/13/09

Scott Kardel from Palomar Observatory
Air Date 2/3/09

Jean Mueller from Palomar Observatory
Air Date 2/10/09

Quebec and 400 Years of Astronomy
Air Date 2/17/09

John Bell from Canon
Air Date 3/3/09

Ponchartrain Astonomical Society
Air Date 3/24/09

Dave Schlom
Air Date 3/31/09

David DeVorkin
Air Date 4/14/09

Gene Turner at Pluto Park
Air Date 4/28/09

Roy Bishop of Acadia
Air Date 5/5/09

Roy Bishop Part 2
Air Date 5/19/09

Adirondack Astronomy Retreat 2009 Edition
Air Date 6/2/09

Ellen Stofan
Air Date 6/9/09

Astronaut Tom Jones
Air Date 6/16/09

George Fleenor
Air Date 6/23/09

Leo Enright
Air Date 6/30/09

Phil Plait
Air Date 7/7/09

Scott Roberts and Russ Tanton of Explore Scientific
Air Date 7/14/09

Bryan Tobias and San Antonio Astronomy Association
Air Date 7/28/09

Keith Mullen and C-Row Star Party
Air Date 8/4/09

Adirondack Astronomy Retreat First Night
Air Date 8/11/09

John Thompson
Air Date 8/18/09

Tahir Iqbal Gadhoka from Pakistan
Air Date 9/1/09

Thompson 1 Asterism
Air Date 9/8/09

Alex Sheeline and the Scientific Method
Air Date 9/15/09

Dr. Martin Rice at the Adirondack Astronomy Retreat
Air Date 9/22/09

Penny and David Rossetter at the Adirondack Astronomy Retreat
Air Date 10/6/09

Steve Durham and the AAR Observatory Project
Air Date 10/20/09

Nanette Vigil
Air Date 11/10/09

Wendee on Eclipses of the Sun
Air Date 11/17/09

Michael Faison of Yale University
Air Date 12/1/09

Michael Gibbs at Capitol College
Air Date 12/15/09

Ken Croswell
Air Date 12/22/09

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