About our team.

We are a diverse group who love to share our passion for astronomy with the world!

Martin Lowery III


I am a recently retired high school science teacher who is a proud lifelong learner of all this world has to teach. I live with my wife and 3 dogs in California and we love to spend our days doing yoga and testing out new brunch places.

Anthony James


I have been a self-proclaimed space nerd since the 7th grade when I got my hands on my first telescope. Since then I have been extremely fascinated with telescopes and any other tool that allows me to see into the galaxy and beyond.

Dr. A.J. Laking


I possess a Ph.D. in physics and have a strong background in the physical sciences. This academic grounding means that all of my work is thoroughly researched, and with a keen attention to detail.

I have two daughters and we enjoy spending days on the lake fishing and hiking.

Doris J. Walker


After spending over a decade researching biology at a university level, I have shifted my focus to make incredible discoveries more readily available to the general public.

By sharing the knowledge I’ve gained and the experiences I’ve had.