Best Space Documentaries on Amazon Prime

Space documentaries on Amazon Prime provide a fascinating window into the celestial wonders lying beyond Earthly boundaries. They offer a unique blend of education and entertainment, presenting scientific discoveries, awe-inspiring visuals, and captivating stories that ignite a passion for space exploration.

Put on your comfy clothes and get a bowl of ice cream because we’re watching the best space documentaries now!

At a Glance: Best Space Documentaries on Amazon Prime

Whether you want to learn about UFOs or exoplanets, this list of space documentaries has you covered.

Best Space Documentaries on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime boasts a stellar collection of space documentaries that are sure to enthrall young minds. From the mesmerizing “The Farthest: Voyager in Space” to the awe-inspiring “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” these documentaries offer an immersive exploration of our universe, combining breathtaking visuals with informative storytelling.

Secret Space UFOs: In The Beginning

Secret Space UFOs

For every enthusiast who ever believed that the government is hiding the presence of unidentified flying objects, this space documentary on Amazon Prime is for you. There are several movies in the series that each delves into the UFO phenomenon.

This first film discusses a secret space program that NASA has hidden for years. It claims that the organization documented and obscured anomalies recorded during space missions and the military. So no matter if you’re a believer or a skeptic, you just might learn something new.

The Farthest – Voyager in Space

The Farthest Voyager in Space

This PBS film about Voyagers I and II fills viewers with eye-popping images from space. You’ll see details about these space probes that traveled to the giant planets of Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter before heading into deep space.

The Voyager missions aimed to learn more about our universe, but they also carried a message to any alien lifeform who came across the probes. They took golden records with two hours of audio recordings like time capsules that told Earth’s story to extraterrestrials. And many of these albums’ voices participate in The Farthest film.

In addition, the space documentary gathers thoughts from scientists, engineers, and everyone involved in the Voyager missions. It brings the adventure alive from its inception to sharing the fantastic images the space probes sent back to Earth. Watch this on your biggest TV for an exciting jump into outer space. 

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Best Space Documentaries on Amazon Prime

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson presents time and space discoveries, explaining universe complexities in an entertaining way. As the narrator, his soothing voice captures and keeps the viewer’s attention!

This space documentary series on Amazon Prime won four Emmy awards. Cosmos, produced by National Geographic and Fox, puts science into layperson’s terms. It describes the story of humankind’s search for universal questions. Moreover, Cosmos makes the scientists and astronomers real people to viewers, making them as relatable as your neighbor.

The computer-generation animations help explain complex theories in an easy-to-understand format. And even if you don’t consider yourself a space nerd, you’ll love Spacetime Odyssey.

Exoplanets: Thousands Of New Worlds


If you’re wondering if we’re alone in the universe, this is the space documentary on Amazon Prime for you! About twenty years ago, a group of astrophysicists started questioning planetary science and looking for unknown worlds. Exoplanets tell the story of how these scientists hunt for new worlds and the life they might hold.

Exoplanets hide behind home stars with colossal luminosity. And since they don’t emit their own light, it’s incredibly hard to detect them. So this space documentary follows some of the scientists who developed software, techniques, and tools to discover new exoplanets. If there’s any possible way to find life on another planet, these scientists will find it.

Last Exit: Space

Last Exit: Space

Last Exit is a space documentary on Amazon Prime that originated in 2022 on Discovery+. Directors Werner and Rudolph Herzog take viewers on a discovery about space colonization. If Earth becomes uninhabitable, Last Exit asks if humans can live and settle on other planets. And it gets answers from leading astronomers, space anthropologists, and scientists.

If Earth’s resources run out, where do humans go? These experts think we’ll live among the stars. And they took a look at how we might get there. For example, they examine interstellar travel. In addition, they discuss some of the practical and ethical implications of deep space exploration.

There’s more to space travel than rocket launches, and these experts tackle all those problematic issues. Last Exit: Space makes viewers think about possibilities for our future existence in worlds as yet unknown. And it lets us know that space travel is now closer to reality than science fiction, which is both exciting and terrifying.

Apollo 11

Apollo 11

Here’s a space documentary that we’ve waited fifty years for! Apollo 11 uses a treasure trove of recently found 70mm film footage. And it stems from audio recordings totaling more than 11,000 hours. This film shows us an insider’s view of NASA’s celebrated and infamous Apollo 11 mission. So come along on this award-winning documentary journey to see the original film of the mission astronauts and the NASA team behind them.

You won’t miss a narrator or commentary; instead, you hear what happened right from the team members. Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin are some of the voices you’ll hear. In addition, the movie introduces viewers to experts, scientists, and team members behind the mission’s success.

Best Space Documentaries on Amazon Prime: Final Thoughts

Space documentaries on Amazon Prime showcase the incredible achievements of human exploration and highlight the collaborative efforts of scientists, engineers, and astronauts who have pushed the boundaries of our understanding of the cosmos. 

By observing these pioneers’ triumphs and challenges, viewers can develop a deep appreciation for the importance of scientific exploration and the possibilities within our reach. In addition, the amazing space images and computer-generated graphics inspire us to dream about the immense opportunities in our universe and beyond.

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